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Rockville, MD

Proudly serving the Orthodox Jewish community, Shomrei Neshama is a funeral home in Rockville, MD that adheres to the highest standards of Jewish law. We are the only Jewish funeral home in the Washington metropolitan area that does so. We do not offer cremations, embalming or ornate caskets. We provide 100% Tahara and are supervised by shomer Shabbat staff. Out of respect for our religious laws and traditions, we are not open on Shabbat and Yom Tov.

Jewish law is very clear that the departed must receive an earth burial. The body was formed of dust from the ground, and the Torah tells us that to dust we return. We are to bury the body in its entirety, not after diminishment through the use of cremation. We are created in the Maker’s image and likeness, so any violation of our bodies is a violation of Him. This informs our decision to omit cremation services and embalming procedures, as well. Our highest respect for the sanctity of the human body is the overarching concern that permeates our process of preparing the departed for burial. We do not advance the disrespect and humiliation of the dead via embalming. The decomposition of the body allows the soul to depart into its new heavenly dwelling place. By unnaturally preserving human remains, one only prolongs this process, or completely prevents it. 

Also, we have members of the Holy Society here to perform Tahara, the ritual cleansing, washing and dressing of the dead. This group of specially trained Jews can be expected to maintain the loftiest levels of dignity and decorum throughout the entire process. Men care for male remains and women see to female bodies, ensuring modesty even after a person has passes away.

We offer simple, modest caskets that conform to Jewish law in that they are completely free of metal. They are composed of wood, and are available in pine, poplar and oak.

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